About Halder Seafood

HALDER SEAFOOD located in İzmir, Turkey, has been founded by experienced and dynamic experts working at seafood production and marketing sector for two decades. We have a wide supply chain of seafood serving to wholesalers and retail markets in Turkey. In addition, we provide different size and amounts of seafood to export companies operating in Turkey. We follow and update the prices daily and obtain the products from a number of fish farms which comply with the global standards.

The mission of our company is to provide the safest and the highest quality products at the fastest time with minimum price to fulfill our customers’ satisfaction.

One of the most distinguished difference of HALDER SEAFOOD is to control and observe the products (gilthead sea bream, European sea bass, corvina, rainbow trout) during the farming, harvesting, processing, storing and transporting according to global food safety and quality standards.

We serve fresh and frozen products of whole round, gutted and fillets processed in the modern processing facility with the most sensitive hygien conditions and tracebility.

Furthermore, we can provide different species of seasonal seafoods on customer demands.

Our company fully concentrates to customer satisfaction by sustainable dialog and confidence without compromising the quality, safety and price of products and other services.



Becoming one of the most reliable seafood export company in Turkey in relation to food quality, safety, legality, price and timing.



We are customer oriented
We are different in terms of quality, safety, timing and pricing of the products
We talk with data and proof



We obey the national and international rules
Job security is our indispensible rule
We believe the quality management systems and continuous improvement